Every year, closer to the holidays, Dalhousie University participates in a Food Drive for Feed Nova Scotia. Typically the Food Drive is coordinated with the Sir James Dunn Law Library and students are able to place their contributions in their respective drop boxes. Due to COVID-19, instead of accepting in person contributions, we accepted online payment contributions. The payment links were divided into Section A, B, C, and Faculty and Staff. Upper year students were asked to donate to the section that they were in when they were in first year. 

2020 Results

This year we raised a total of $4917! The LSS contributed to round the amount to $5000 to be donated to Feed Nova Scotia.

The winner of the 2020 Annual Food Drive is the Faculty and Staff with a raised total of $1635, for a record 7th win!

The winners of the 2019 Annual Food Drive, Section C, came in second place with an impressive $1512. Section B came in third with an amazing $1010. Section A came in fourth with a fantastic $760.

Food Drive 2019 Section C.jpg

2019 Winners of the Food Drive - Section C

Food Drive 2018 group.jpg

2018 Food Drive in the Sir James Dunn Law Library