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Olesya Chiloch

As VP Academic, Olesya is responsible for acting as a liaison between students, faculty and administration for everything academic-related. This includes sitting on associated committees, such as the Academic Committee, Faculty Council and acting as Chair for the Teaching Awards Committee. Olesya is also responsible for maintaining the CANs database. During her first year, Olesya was her section’s 1L representative, actively working with the Academic Committee, the faculty, and students to improve the intensive courses for future years. 

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My Story

After immigrating to Canada at a young age, Olesya spent most of her life in Toronto, Ontario before moving to Edmonton, Alberta where she finished high school. Moving back to Toronto, Olesya completed her bachelor's degree in Paralegal Studies after which she worked in a firm. Having now lived in three provinces, Olesya comes with a great appreciation for creating new connections and communities. 


She is excited about being a continuing member of the LSS and helping create an ideal law school experience.


Outside of law school, Olesya loves to go on hikes, rewatch her favourite TV shows, bake and hang out with her friends. Hellos in the halls are encouraged!


Reach out any time!

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