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Law Students' Society Funding is available to individual law students and to student societies. Funding applications are reviewed by the VP Finance and/or the LSS Budget Committee.

The types of funding available are as follows:

  • Committee Funding: Applications for funding to support LSS Committee initiatives, projects, activities, etc. open for a set period in the Winter semester.

  • Society Funding: Applications for funding to support society initiatives, projects, activities, etc. open for a set period in the Winter semester. Societies must be registered LSS societies to be eligible.

  • Individual Conference Funding: Applications are accepted anytime for up to $150 towards the cost of attending law-related conferences, moots, or any other professional or academic development.

Completed applications are to be submitted via email to the VP Finance to or dropped off in the LSS Office in Weldon 340.

Should you have any questions about funding, please contact the VP Finance at

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