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Who are we?

The LSS is the elected student government of Dalhousie University's Schulich School of Law. Our Board of Directors comprised of seven Executive Committee members, up to three Class-Year Representatives from each year of study, and eight Community Representatives, as well as an appointed Chair and Vice-Chair


What do we do?


The LSS represents the student voice in all aspects of the law school including social, financial, athletic and academic areas. We also nurture the relationship of the Schulich School of Law Law within the larger University community. Our goal is to support and develop initiatives that promote a dynamic law student experience.

Any other questions?

Visit our Contact Us page to learn how to contact the LSS, or visit us in the LSS Office in Room 340 of the Weldon Law Building.

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The Dalhousie Law Students’ Society aims to serve law students in the following ways: 


  • We solicit students’ questions, concerns, and ideas through avenues such as our confidential online feedback form. We use the feedback gathered to advance the needs and interests of law students.

  • We engage with Faculty Council, Faculty Committees, the Dean, Schulich School of Law administration, and the Dalhousie Students’ Union on issues and decisions affecting our members. 



  • We have representatives from the Dalhousie Black Law Students’ Association, Dalhousie Asian Law Students' Association, Dalhousie Indigenous Law Students’ Association, Dalhousie Feminist Legal Association, OUTLaw, Schulich Disability Allies, and joint academic programs that sit on our Board of Directors.

  • We recognize that Dalhousie University and the Schulich School of Law sit on unceded traditional Mi’kmaq territory, and we aim to enact the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

  • We review the obstacles faced by disadvantaged groups through avenues such as our student survey on discrimination and accommodation, and work to address those obstacles. 



  • We hold bi-weekly Board of Directors meetings and an Annual General Meetings that are open to the public.

  • We make all relevant materials, including minutes and financial statements, accessible to students.

  • We elect Executive and Board of Directors members on an annual basis to remain accountable to students.

  • We are transparent in our decision-making to avoid actual, perceived, or apparent conflicts of interest.

  • We are accessible to students through in-person office hours and electronic means, such as email, our confidential online feedback form, and social media. 


  • We keep the door and blinds of our office open, reducing barriers and welcoming students to our shared space.

  • We make use of accessible options, such as in the design of our website.

  • We support student societies with a focus on inclusion and empowerment of minority students, student wellness, and student security at events with alcohol. 

  • We mandate our Board of Directors members to undergo Anti-Oppression training yearly.

  • We aim to support the needs of students from all backgrounds, including those of all ethnicities, gender identities or expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, religions, socioeconomic status, or any other grounds. 


  • We provide academic, social, and financial services.

  • We solicit and follow-up on feedback about our programming and services.

  • We host social events for the student body, to ensure that the law school experience is not restricted to academics.

  • We sponsor law student-run societies to support their leadership and initiatives in the law school and greater community. 

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