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In addition to promoting the general objectives of the Dalhousie Law Students' Society, some of the members of the Board of Directors serve to advance the rights and interests of the specific groups which they are elected and appointed to represent.

In addition to the the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors consists of:

A Chair, a Vice-Chair, three 1L Section Representatives, one to three 2L Representatives, one to three 3L Representatives, an Indigenous Law Students' Representative (appointed by the Dalhousie Indigenous Law Students' Association), a Black Law Students' Representative (appointed by the Dalhousie Black Law Students' Association), an Asian Law Students' Representative (appointed by the Dalhousie Asian Law Students' Association), a Multidisciplinary Law Students' Representative (appointed by the Multidisciplinary Law Students' Committee), a 2SLGBTQIA+ Law Students' Representative (appointed by the OUTLaw Society), a Gender Equity Representative (appointed by the Dalhousie Feminist Legal Association), a Disability Equity Representative (appointed by the Schulich Disability Allies), and a Mature Law Students' Representative (appointed by the Mature Student Society). 


The Board of Directors for the 2022-2023 Academic year will be elected in September 2022.

Chair: Andrew Dyadin,

Vice-Chair: Danielle Mourad,



President: Grace

VP Executive: Ferris Vasko,

VP Academic: Jason Stephanian,

VP Finance: Meghan Praught,

VP External: Graham Headley,

VP Student Life: Danielle Bailey-Heelan,


Class Year Representatives:

1L Section A Representative: Andy Weir,

1L Section B Representative: Juliet Watts,

1L Section C Representative: Austin Clary,

2L Representative: Rob Jollimore,

2L Representative: Liam Wilford,

3L Representative: George Philip,


Community Representatives:

Indigenous Law Students' Representative: Kate Anderson,

Black Law Students' Representative: Enniael Stair,

Asian Law Students' Representative: Lydia Huang,

Gender Equity Representative: Claire Dowden,

2SLGBTQIA+ Law Students' Representative: Harrison Callaghan,

Disability Equity Representative: James Gavin,

Multidisciplinary Students' Representative: Rachel McMillan,

Mature Students' Representative: Kendsey Clements,

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