The LSS oversees a variety of committees to help orchestrate life at the Schulich School of Law, and also appoints student representatives to administrative and faculty committees.

These are the student committee representatives for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Please contact any of the committee representatives to inquire about their committee's work, at the email address found in the Legal Who (available on Brightspace).

Academic Committee


  • Consider proposals for new courses and course adjustments 

  • Make recommendations before Faculty Council

  • Evaluate proposed changes to the curve, median and mode of assessment in courses

  • Collect and provide student feedback on matters concerning academics at the law school


  • Mady Gillespie

  • Ryan Holland

  • Nicole Kelly (VP Academic)

Appointments Committee


  • Assist administration in making hiring decisions

  • Participate in review of applicant packages, candidate interviews, dinners, and student-only interviews with candidates

  • Conduct surveys and collect student feedback regarding candidates

  • Reach out to potential new faculty members and advocate for the law school as a great career destination


  • Laura Burlock

  • Reagan Seidler

  • Elizabeth Taylor

Bursary and Scholarship Committee

Formerly the "Student Finance Committee"


  • Review bursary and scholarship applications

  • Ensure that applications process remains confidential

  • Note: Appointment in 1L is for a 3-year term


  • Melissa Earl

  • Sterling Edmonds

  • Alanna Meyer

  • Rabiah Muriam

  • Ryan O'Connor

  • Erin Sheinfeld

Career Development Student Committee


  • Operate as a link between the students and the Career Development Office

  • Reach out to students to improve services

  • Help plan, create, and execute events such as career boot camps, employment panets, and interview workshops

  • Work on alumni projects such as updating records and researching career paths of former students


  • Hannah Davis

  • Jacob Ezeard

  • Darren Gill

  • Sarah Gray

  • Moira Harding

  • Mukisa Kakembo

  • André Pritchard

  • Maria Rizzetto

  • Colin Smith

  • Megan Thompson

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service Board of Directors


  • Reviews and has input into direction and priorities for Dalhousie Legal Aid Service;

  • Provides for periodic evaluation of operations and programs to ensure that Dalhousie Legal Aid Service is meeting the needs of its clients, member, funders and the community; 

  • Is an ambassador for Dalhousie Legal Aid Service actively promoting its goals and services in the community; 

  • Keeps informed about Dalhousie Legal Aid Service by reading reports, minutes and agendas, attending meetings, attending Board development sessions, and taking part in activities as appropriate. 


  • MC Lawrence

Elections Officers


  • Oversee and manage LSS elections and any plebescites or referenda called by the Board of Directors

  • Conduct candidate information sessions

  • General management of the ballot

Chief Returning Officer:

  • Maria Rizzetto

Deputy Returning Officer:

  • Aimee Virick

Information Technology (IT) Committee


  • Review IT Faculty policy/vision and set priorities for objectives

  • Building a digital "knowledge commons"

  • Develop strategies for "Knowledge @ Schulich", an open source academic scholarship dissemination program

  • Devising boilerplate text for faculty to use in negotiating better copyright terms/author rights

  • Web technology student and faculty survey creation

  • Establish best practices by researching different strategies/technology solutions employed by other Canadian Law Schools

  • Exploring alternative digital teaching aids/methods


  • Syed Abidi

  • Ella Hantho

International Linkages Committee


  • Responsible for the operation of the exchange program including:

    • selection of outgoing candidates

    • support of incoming students

  • Consider and recommend new exchange programs where appropriate


  • Wil Doucette

  • Jake Harris

  • William Hatfield

  • Alexis Muscat

Law Games Committee


  • Introduce Law Games to incoming students

  • Plan Law Games fundraising

  • Design team logo and uniforms

  • Manage Law Games teams

  • Organize trip to Law Games event

  • EMAIL:


  • Grace O'Brien (Co-Captain, Sports)

  • Michael Marot (Co-Captain, Spirit)

  • Evan Hall (Director, Finance)

  • Bradley Budden (Director, Communications)

Moot Court Committee


  • Organizing mandatory 2L moots

  • Soliciting student, faculty, and community member volunteers to participate as clerks and judges

  • A paid position, with roughly 25hrs of work between November and February


  • Jamie Dexter

  • Raylene Langor

  • Megan Thompson

O Week Committee


  • Organize all Orientation Week activities

  • Appoint and oversee a volunteer committee of 8-10 members


  • Maya Churilov - Chair

  • Micah Boyes - Treasurer

  • Olivia Bungay - Evening Events Coordinator

  • Taraneh Ashrafi - Atlantic Adventures Coordinator

  • Hayden Sahid - Sponsorships Coordinator

Publications Committee



  • Jenn Hanlon

  • William Hatfield

  • Morgan McAloney

Sober Support Committee


  • Maintain a safe space for discussion about substance abuse, harm reduction and addiction both during and outside Law school events

  • Assist in the implementation of alcohol-free events

  • Maintain a presence at events with alcohol to ensure that all attendees are safe and enjoying themselves

  • EMAIL:


  • Joel Allen

  • Arthur Ferguson

  • Desiree Jones

Social Committee (SOCO)


  • Coordinate election of the members of the graduating class

  • Organize Grad Week activities

  • Organize grad photos

  • Fundraise for grad events

  • Organize social events (Upper Year Dinners, Pith & Substance, Law Ball - read more on our Events page)

  • Recruit volunteers to assist in these events

  • EMAIL:



  • Becky Wieschkowski (President)

  • Sydney Hull

  • Alysa O'Keefe

  • Jordan Richard

  • Aly Sutton

  • Kayla VanBuskirk

  • Graecen Wyton

Sports Committee


  • Manage all Dal Law intramural sports activities

  • Recruit captains for intramural teams

  • Organize the Curling Bonspiel
  • EMAIL:


  • Michael Marot (Captain)

  • Addison Leigh (Assistant Captain)

  • Payton Wood (Assistant Captain)

Teaching & Evaluation Committee


  • Implement SRI surveys

  • Liaise with faculty, students, and the Dalhousie Centre for Learning and Teaching regarding the SRI system

  • Review SRI surveys

  • Implement other forms of evaluation where necessary


  • Jon Goud

  • Reagan Seidler

Tenure & Promotions Committee


  • Review applications from faculty for reappointment, tenure, and promotion

  • Make recommendations to the Dean regarding applications

  • Adhere to the existing collective agreement at the law school


  • Syed Abidi

  • Desiree Jones

  • Kathleen O'Brien



  • Maintain and Manage the LSS Website

  • Ensure the LSS Website remains up to date

  • EMAIL:


  • Maya Churilov

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