The LSS oversees a variety of committees to help orchestrate life at the Schulich School of Law, and also appoints student representatives to administrative and faculty committees.

These are the student committee representatives for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Please contact any of the committee representatives to inquire about their committee's work, at the email address found in the Legal Who (available on Brightspace).

Social Committee:

President: Alysa O'Keefe,

Vice-President: Brianna Desveaux,

Vice-President: Taline Selman,

Vice-President: Sydney Keefe,

Vice-President: Lydia Huang,

1L: Katey Higgins,

1L: Makena Anderson,

1L: Chelsea Sprout,


Sports Committee:

Captain: Bree Barton,

Assistant Captain: Tiegan Scott,

Assistant Captain: Sashin Narayan,

Assistant Captain: Sophie Fiddes,

1L: Michael Cormier,

1L: Alex Hyndman,


Law Games Committee:

Sports Co-Captain: Kieran Simpson,

Spirit Co-Captain: Meg Luft,

Director of Finance: Jonfranco Monaco,

Director of Communications: Frank Bruno,


Publications Committee:

Kaelyn Burns,

Carly Morrison,


Elections Committee:

CRO: Jim Gavin,

DRO: Nathan Illsley,


Party Safe Committee:

Ben Tallon,

Jamie Samson,

Heidi Desaulniers,


Orientation Committee:

Chair: Claire Dowden,

Treasurer: Emily Di Bratto,

Sponsorship Coordinator: Emma Fillman,

Atlantic Adventures Coordinator: Meghan Luft,

Co-Nighttime Events Coordinator: Frankie Leonard,

Co-Nighttime Events Coordinator: Sara Daulet,


Academic Committee:

Jason Stephanian,

Haneen Al-Noman,

Sterling Edmonds,


Appointments Committee:

James Hall,

Robin Asgari,

Olivia Ramos,


Career Development Committee:

Grace Bryson,

Adam Sussman,

Katelyn MacFadyen,

Nicholas Geringer,


Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee:

Zakariya Chatur,

Shaniqwa Thomas,


Moot Court Committee:

Charlotte Hobson,

Zack Seaward,

Emily Stapleton,


Teaching & Teaching Evaluation Committee:

Tiffiany Ward,

Danielle Wierenga,


Tenure & Promotions Committee:

Ben Foster,

Alicia Landers,

Josie Bauman,


Information Technology Committee:

Jim Gavin,

Zack Seaward,


Dalhousie Legal Aid Board of Trustees:

Eliza McCullum,


International Linkages Committee:

Will Doucette,

Daniel McClay,

Caleb MacDonald,


Bursary & Scholarship Committee:

Sterling Edmonds,

Chelsey Brussard,

George Philp,

Sophie Pineau,

Courtland Mack,

Rebecca Waxman,