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At the end of each course, the Schulich School of Law administers Student Ratings of Instruction (SRIs), through which students anonymously evaluate their professors' instruction for the term. This information is provided to professors in order to improve their teaching, and is also used for tenure and advancement opportunities.

The problem with administering only end-of-semester evaluations is that professors have no opportunity to improve their teaching while it can still be of benefit to the students. This is why the LSS administers "rolling evaluations", or mid-semester evaluations. These informal evaluations allow students to provide feedback that can benefit their learning for the remainder of the course. Rolling evaluations are also anonymous, but are not considered for tenure and advancement opportunities; they are merely a tool to help the professor and students get the most out of the course.

The LSS is exploring options for conducting rolling evaluations online in the near future.

Should you have any questions about rolling evaluations, please contact the Vice President Academic at

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